So, What do I do, exactly?

In short, I listen and learn to determine my clients needs, I research the marketplace, and I brainstorm on ways to impact that marketplace. Then comes the fun part: creative development. Whether creating a single piece, or an integrated campaign, my goal is the same: To create unique, memorable, and effective design and communications.

Traditional Print Media.

My experience with traditional print media is extensive. Whether my clients are looking for a simple brochure, a series of print ads, a bus-wrap, or a poster, I know the importance of matching the message with the media.

Going direct.

Standing out in the mail is a particular challenge, but it can be one of the best returns on your marketing investment when trying to reach both new and existing audiences. Getting the mail opened is an essential first step, but then you need people to respond. I've created hundreds of successful DM campaigns and pieces.

Let's get digital.

The web is an ever expanding arena for connecting people, but good ideas and good design are still the cornerstone here. I have a wealth of experience in designing and building communications for the web and e-marketing, from website design and Flash development, to highly segmented email campaigns.

Lights. Camera. Action.

Working on TV advertising is a terrific challenge, and it's always an exciting project for me. From script development and storyboard concepting, all the way through post-production, I've enjoyed helping create some very effective communications for my clients.